Mulch Installation

Brevard Lawns offers full mulch installation throughout Brevard County Florida.

Some types of mulch installation starts as low as $0.32/sq ft at a depth of 3″ for quantities over 8 yards!

-We offer a wide variety of mulch colors and types

-One day installs

-Lowest Mulch Install prices

-Commercial mulch pricing

-Convenient Credit Card Payments

-Professional Installation

Gold Cyprus Mulch

Our Gold Cypress Mulch is a highly durable hardwood mulch that will last for years to come.  The natural golden color is beautiful for accenting any type of landscaping!  Many homowners associations, large office buildings, and medians along the roads in Viera use this type of mulch for it’s look and duability.

Premium Red Mulch

Our Premium Red mulch is double ground providing a cleaner look with noticable advantages.  The advantage to double ground mulch is that it helps create a better “seal” blocking out air and weeds while retiaining more moisture.  Larger types of mulch like Pine Bark generally allow air and sun to hit the soil and if left untreated it will be full of weeds.  Lager mulches also do not retain moisture well.  Also note this mulch is dyed using FDA approved vegtable based products so you can rest assured your pets will be safe!

Ruby Red Mulch

Ruby Red mulch has a bold red color that will last for years to come.  This mulch is also color enhanced using FDA approved vegetable based dyes.

Play Safe Mulch (Non-dyed Cypress Chips)

This natural golden colored mulch is made for playground areas.  Our playsafe mulch conforms to ASTM F1292-04 and ISO 17025:1999 so you can be sure you are getting the best product for your play area needs.  Playsafe mulch also helps reduce the impact for falling children which will certainly make your playground safer.

Mini Pine Bark Mulch

We sell pine bark mulch however I do not recommend using it unless you are trying to be environmentally friendly:)  The “Mini Nuggets” are much better than the large nuggets for retaining moisture and keeping out sun and air.  Please note Pine Bark floats!  It also blows out of the beds when clippings are being cleaned up making for a huge mess and potential loss of 20% of your mulch:(  Besides being more environmentally friendly it also helps fertilize the shrubs-(or weeds!) as it decomposes more rapidly than any other type of mulch locally sold.

Large Pine Bark Mulch

Crimson Stone

This is the best type of landscape bed covering money can buy.  The large and small pieces of stone fall perfectly into place to help seal in moisture and keep weeds out!  After we properly install the rock you will hardly ever have to add any more as this stuff stays where you want it!  Installing our Crimson Stone will also immediatly add value to your home.  This timeless stone will hold up for over 20 years whereas redoing mulch every year will far outweigh the cost of the stone.  Spend the money up front if you plan on living in the home for many years!

Large River Rock

Large River Rock provides most of the same qualitites as the Crimson Stone listed above.  The circular stones are smooth to walk on for your pets or your children.  The circular shape to the larger river rocks does not allow for as good of a seal as the crimson stone however if you are looking for a lighter color than the Crimson Stone River Rock is definetly the way to go.

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