Brevard Lawns offers full service sod installation. We install only the highest quality sod around!  Please allow us to determine what sod variety is right for your application.

Re-sodding is our most common request and we will be happy to provide a free quote  for your re-sod job today.  When we perform a sod installation , we make sure it is cut from the field the same day.  Installing fresh cut sod helps ensure the best possible transition for your new sod.  All of the sod we install is locally grown in Melbourne FL.  Installing local sod helps the new sod transition much better as the soil types are usually similar.

For sod removal and replacement we make sure to take out 2″ of dirt using a sod cutter to help remove any seeds for unwanted weeds and insects.  Removing enough dirt will allow the new sod to blend in with the older existing sod.  This process ensures a more level finished product.  Most of the time the yard ends up more level and with better drainage than before.

Many companies will simply rake away the dead areas and throw the new sod on top of the raked areas.  Simply raking and not removing dirt will leave an eyesore guaranteed.  If certain types of grassy weeds exist application of a special blend of herbicide (not Roundup!) may be necessary before removal of 2″.  Ideally we kill the lawn, cut out 2″ using a sod cutter then lay the new sod.  A lot of guys simply brown out the lawn using the wrong chemicals then trim it down with a weed eater and throw the poor new sod on top.  At Brevard Lawns we ensure the prep area is completely level and also recessed 2″ from all driveways and sidewalks to give a nice clean look.

If you live near Melbourne Florida we have the perfect  sod install process for you and your lawn!

Many customers who want to ensure the high quality look and lifespan of their new lawn take advantage of our lawn care and fertilization services after the new sod is installed.  There are numerous advantages to using the same company who installed the sod to maintain it.  The main advantage of using us to maintain your new lawn is our vested interest in the look of your new lawn.  We take pride in our work and realize that hundreds of people see your lawn every week and if it looks perfect they will ask you for a referral.  We are the only large company around that will guarantee new sod if you sign up for maintenance.

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