Brevard Lawns is happy to provide you with full service landscape install in Melbourne FL.  We can offer the lowest prices through our wholesale purchasing agreement with a large nursery.  Most jobs can be done in 1 day to minimize the amount of time you are inconvenienced.  We have 2 full time landscape / sod crews and 2 large Caterpillar skid steers.  There are 12 full time employees dedicated to installing landscaping.  Our landscape machines have special “multi terrain” tracks on them to reduce the amount of ground pressure.  This enables us to drive through yards and go over sidewalks  with minimal impact.  We have 6 landscape and heavy duty dump trucks to haul debris and new plant material. We can fertilize and maintain your new landscape install to ensure it’s longevity.  Ask about a guarantee on your new landscape install!

One of the most important landscaping recommendations we can make is the maintenance level.  If something is extremely high maintenance we will not recommend installing it. Landscape that is not cold tolerant or insect tolerant we will not even install!  Examples of non hearty / problematic landscapes in Melbourne Florida are Hibiscus, Alexander Palms, Coconut Palms, Christmas palms, dwarf oleanders, Washingtonian Palms (now prone to an incurable disease!), bougainvillea (high maintenance) etc.  Most nurseries will not tell you these secrets as they are just trying to move product.  We are experts on flowers and butterfly gardens for a functional and enjoyable backyard.

We offer new Installs-yes we did this Install featured in a magazine!

New Pool Installation

Paver, Pergola, Butterfly Garden, Pool Deck Extension

New Construction Installs